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What is AMACA at USPTO?

◦AMACA stands for: American Muslim & Arabic Cultural Association

◦USPTO stands for: United States Patent and Trademark Office

◦AMACA is a professional association of USPTO employees who organize and coordinate together to implement the AMACA goals and mission. AMACA is an independent registered 501c3 non-profit association which is owned and operated by its members.

◦The USPTO granted AMACA VEO (Voluntary Employee Organization) status in 2011, and recognizes AMACA as an official affinity group (among the 16 total affinity groups). This allows AMACA to operate in a limited capacity within the workplace.

AMACA’s activities inside and outside of the workplace:

◦Professional Development


◦Support USPTO Diversity Goals

◦Community Service & Charity

◦Support Religious Accommodations Within the Workplace

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