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AMACA Projects:

Current Projects:

  • Water Bottle Project
    • Since 2014 AMACA has annually donated hundreds of cases of bottled water as part of its ‘Ramadan & Summer Water Project’
      • Each summer, AMACA donates cases of water to a number of homeless shelters in the Washington DC area. With temperatures sometimes reaching triple digits and with high levels of humidity, access to portable water is essential.
      • Each Ramadan, AMACA donates cases of water to mosque congregations in the Washington DC area as well as congregations around the country. This water is consumed by mosque attendees either for their Iftar (fast-breaking meal) or during the multi-hour evening prayer called ‘taraweeh’.
  • Ramadan Baskets
    • Since 2014 AMACA has participated in the annual Ramadan Basket Drive organized by the Muslim Women’s Coalition (MWC) ( ) by sponsoring a number of baskets.
    • Before Ramadan begins, the MWC assembles laundry-size baskets full of household, personal, and food items. These baskets are then distributed to abused women’s shelters, homeless shelters, refugees and families in need in the DC Metro area.
  • Eid Toy Drive
    • Since 2012, AMACA has conducted annual Eid Toy/Gift Drives for orphans, and for children of refugee and low-income families in the DC/MD/VA area.
    • We’ve partnered with a variety of local charities and mosques who distribute the toys/gifts to children in their respective locales.
    • Among the charities and mosques we’ve partnered with, are:
      • FAITH ( )
      • Project Reach
      • Islamic Relief
      • Masjid Muhammad
  • Invention Camp Student Sponsorship
    • In 2015, AMACA began its Camp Invention Reimbursement Program. AMACA awards a local Islamic school reimbursement for one of its 4th or 5th students who attend the camp.
    • The very first student who participated in the Camp Invention Reimbursement Program was 4th grade student Smeena Khan from Al Fatih Academy in Reston, VA. This bright and motivated student has shared the wonderful experience she had at the camp (see below).
    • Camp Invention is a national summer program sponsored by the USPTO, and is offered in hundreds of public schools around the country. It is a week long summer camp for children entering grades 1-6. Its activities focus on innovation and real-world problem solving, via hands-on STEM activities.
    • More information about Camp Invention (including program, typical camp-day, and more) can be viewed here:
    • Children of USPTO employees are not eligible to be part of the AMACA Reimbursement Program. However, children of employees may receive a $30 discount to the camp by emailing John Palafoutas or Linda Hosler.
  • Debate Tournament Judging/Coaching
    • Since 2012, AMACA has participated in the annual Muslim Youth Debate Tournament (MYDT) (a project of the Mafiq Foundation ( ) in the Washington DC Metro area. The MYDT is an effort which seeks to teach young Muslims public speaking, and how to research and argue important topics. It’s a platform which enables youth to hone their skills in analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and persuasive argumentation.
    • USPTO employees (Patent Examiners in particular) are a good fit for volunteering as debate judges or coaches since the Examiner skillset includes extensive researching abilities and also includes presentation/negotiating skills used with Patent Attorneys and Inventors. AMACA encourages Patent Supervisors and Examiners to volunteer for this important event (as a judge, coach, or assistant coach). There is minimal time commitment for judges: Orientation session, basic preparation, then judging. VOLUNTEER to JUDGE HERE Time commitment for coaching is more extensive.
  • E-week (Engineering Week) USPTO Event
    • Engineering Week (“e-week”) is a yearly event in February observed by dozens of agencies and institutions which all work to promote the importance of engineering and promote the profession. See the E-Week website here: and
    • Every year, the USPTO’s Education and Outreach department, in collaboration with EEO&D and PTO Affinity Groups, design and host a full day program for dozens of local students (Middle and High School) from the DC Metro area. The event is held at the USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, VA, where the students learn about the USPTO and they also work on an engineering-related project.
    • AMACA has supported the event by sponsoring lunch or supplies, by sending volunteers to participate in the planning and administering the event, and bringing local schools to attend the event. Local schools which AMACA has helped attend the e-week event at USPTO are:
    • Past e-week projects have been:
      • 2017: Raspberry Pi & Makey Makey, where students combined electronic design and real-world design to make an interactive game
      • 2016: Oil spill cleanup, where students used a variety of supplies to remove oil from a pool of water
      • 2015: Aerodynamic CO2 car race, where students designed, assembled, and raced pinewood derby race cars powered by CO2
      • 2014: “Robotic Technology”, where students built model robots using Lego Mind Storm Kits
      • 2013: “3-D Printing Technology”, where students designed and simulated 3D models for real-world objects
      • 2012: “Robotic Technology”, where students built model robots using Lego Mind Storm Kits
      • 2011: “Green Technology”, where students built model houses with solar panels to make a “Green City”

Previous Projects:

  • Invention Convention Judging (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE)
  • In the winter of 2015, AMACA organized a Blanket & Coat Drive for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
    • AMACA is asking the USPTO community to help the thousands of children, women and men, who are stranded in Turkey and who will struggle to keep warm in the coming months.
          Please donate the following:
      NEW Blankets & Sleeping Bags (Gently used is also acceptable)
      NEW Thermal Socks (New only)
      USED or NEW Coats
      USED or NEW Gloves, Hats, and Winter Clothing Items
      All donations will be given to the “Help Syrian Refugees” campaign:
  • Rug project
    • In 2012 and 2013,

AMACA is continuing the prayer rug project for the DC Metro area.  There are a number of Jumuah congregations who use tarps or bed sheets which are difficult to manage, get dirty or tear easily. As a gesture of goodwill and a source of blessing, AMACA is donating clean and durable plastic rugs to congregations in need of them.

AMACA has already donated rugs to the Haneefiya America congregation in Silver Spring MD.

Here are details of the next congregation we will be helping:


Jumuah Location:

Cherry Hill Manor/Knights of Colombus

Cherry Hill Rd, College Park MD 20740

Status: Established in 1995.

Jumuah Congregation size = ~150.

Currently using tarps.

Need:  Approximately 15, 20ft plastic rugs

Ø  Prayer Rug Community Project: In the first weekend of Ramadan, AMACA donated 15 twenty-foot long sturdy prayer rugs to the Dar us Salam congregation in College Park MD. They used it right away for their Tarawih Prayers and will continue to use it for Jumuah prayers.

From 2012 email:

Ø  Iftar Community Project:   AMACA sponsored an Iftar at Mustafa Center in Annandale VA. The food was catered by Ariana Kabob. The Mustafa Center organizers expressed their gratitude to the brothers and sisters at PTO.