PTO Events

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Current Events (recurring):

  • Quality Events
  • BYOM
  • IFS: International Food Festival
  • Ramadan Iftar
  • Eid Luncheon
  • Picnic
  • CFC Pizza Sales

From 2013 email:

  1.    AMACA is given the Bronze Medal Award

[See attached Picture]  In a PTO-Wide ceremony held last month, the Office of EEO&D (Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity) nominated AMACA to receive the Bronze Medal Award.  The official presentation of the award recognized AMACA as having “outstanding contributions” toward increasing the effectiveness of the EEO & D.  

In part, AMACA, which is one of the largest affinity groups at the PTO, has supported the EEO&D goals and activities for more than 10 years (previously the office was known as “The Office of Civil Rights”).  AMACA participates in almost all of the EEO&D programs and contributes to the success of these programs. AMACA takes the lead on some of events such as CFC events, IFS (International Food Festival), and NEMP (New Examiners’ Mentoring Programs), and also collaborates well with other affinity groups.

Ø  PTO Iftar:  Two Iftars were held at PTO: Tuesdays, Aug 7th (approx. 65 attendees) and 14th (approx. 35 attendees) . Thank you to Ahmad Matar, the volunteers and sponsors who organized and coordinated the Iftars.

Ø  White House Iftar: AMACA President Ahmad Matar attended the WH Iftar on Friday August 10th .